7M07203 – Metallurgy

Cipher, the name of the specialty:

7M07203–  Metallurgy

Accreditation (year of passage, the period of the):

Lisence  № 13014680Date of issue : 17.09.2013.

Period of study:

Scientific and pedagogical direction-2 years;

Profile direction- 1 year.

Degree awarded:

Scientific and Pedagogical direction:

Master of Technical Sciences, specialty 7M07203 – «Metallurgy»

Profile direction:

Master of Technical Sciences in the specialty 7M07203 – «Metallurgy».

Field of professional activity:

Specialists who graduated from the Master’s program Perform industrial and technological and organization, work at industrial enterprises, as well as carry out, scientific research on enrichment, preparation of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare and radioactive metals, alloys and special materials, processing of metals and alloys by heat treatment of metals and alloys.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduate students are:

The objects of professional activity of graduates are enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, chemical, mining chemical engineering industries, branch research and design institutes, factory laboratories secondary professional and higher education, institution.

Subject of professional activity:

The subjects of professional activity are the technological processes of the metallurgical industry, the processing of raw materials and the production of metal products of increased consumer properties, the technology of obtaining and processing metals and materials, the study of structure and properties, equipment of mining and metallurgical production, click themes of automatic control of metallurgical production and quality control of final products.

Types of professional activity:

Graduates of the Master’s Degree in 7M07203 – Metallurgy can perform the following professional activities:

  • organizational and management;
  • research;
  • pedagogical;
  • design.

Base of practice:

Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant Branch joint stock Company “TNC Kazcrome”.