7М07201 – Mining industry

Cipher, the name of the specialty:

7М07201 —  «Mining industry»

Period of study:

Scientific and pedagogical direction – 2 years;

Profile direction – 1 year. 

Degree awarded:

Scientific and Pedagogical direction:

Master of Technical Sciences, specialty 7M07201 – «Mining industry»

Master of Technical Sciences in the specialty 7M07201 – «Mining industry».

Field of professional activity:

Specialists who have completed a master’s degree perform scientific research in the field of mining, are familiar with the principles of designing mineral deposits, have a solid Foundation and high quality engineering knowledge to meet the needs of modern mining technologies.

They are engaged in the organization, implementation and control of production processes, ensuring safe conditions for mining and construction work, labor protection and the environment.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduate students are:

The objects of professional activity of graduates are enterprises of the mining industry, mines, sections, underground mines, quarries, mining and processing plants, factories, industry research and design institutes, factory laboratories, secondary, professional and higher educational institutions

Subject of professional activity:

Subjects of professional activity are objects of underground and ground structures, technology of overburdening, tunneling and mining operations, technology of mining operations, means of mechanization of mining and construction works, mining graphic documentation, safe methods of work and labor protection, equipment, devices, information systems and software products.

Types of professional activity:

Graduates of the Master’s Degree in » 7М07201-« Mining industry can perform the following professional activities:

  • organizational and management;
  • research;
  • pedagogical;

Base of practice:

Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant Branch joint stock Company “TNC Kazchrome”.