6B07302 – Transport construction

Code, name of the specialty: 

6B07302  «Transport construction»

Form of study, duration:

Day: 4 years

Degrees given:

Bachelor of  еngineering and technology in  specialty  6B07302 – «Transport construction».

The field of professional activity: 

  • design of roads and highways, city streets, bridge crossings;
  • development of projects for the organization of construction and reconstruction of road facilities;
  • construction, repair, reconstruction, operation of roads and airfields.

Objects of professional activity:

Graduates can work in the production of road-building materials, the development of design, design and survey and design estimates, the construction of roads and cities, streets, airfields, buildings and other transportation facilities, utilities, engineering and maintenance sites, and educational engineers.

Subject of professional activity:

“Research and design of railways”, “Engineering constructions in transport construction”, “Organization, planning and management in bridge and tunnel construction”, etc.

Types of professional activity:

Production and management activities:

To manage teams engaged in construction and installation works on the construction, reconstruction of buildings and structures of transport, construction industry enterprises.

Design activity:

Perform design and estimate documentation and design work on the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures of transport construction objects.

Organizational and technological activities:

organize the work of construction, municipal organizations and enterprises.

Practical bases:   

LLP «Transmostgroup» ,  LLP «KTP» ,  LLP «BI Group».