6B07101 – Transport, transport technique and technology

Cipher – name of the specialty:

6B07101– Transport, transport technique and technology

Passage of accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

Based on the results of the verification of the non-commercial external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, held on December 26, 2016, Certificate No. АВ1193 until 25.12.2021. for 5 years successfully passed.

Training period:

Full-time: 4 years, 3 years

Awarded degree:

Bachelor of Engineering and Technology, specialty 6B07101 – Transport, transport technology and technology.

Sphere of professional activity:

Bachelor of this profile is preparing for activities in the field of material production, which includes a set of tools, means and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems associated with the design, operation and repair of transport equipment.

Objects of professional activity:

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

  • machine-building plants that produce transport equipment and equipment;
  • enterprises and organizations engaged in the operation of transport equipment;
  • design, engineering and technological organizations;
  • machine-building enterprises;
  • brand and dealer centers of machine-building and repair plants;
  • marketing and forwarding services;
  • logistic support system, transport management service.

Subjects of professional activity:

The subjects of professional activity are:

  • transport machinery and equipment;
  • power equipment;
  • running equipment;
  • working equipment;
  • drive system of transport equipment;
  • motion control systems;
  • life support systems;
  • equipment for manufacturing, testing and utilization of transport equipment;
  • equipment for maintenance and repair of transport equipment;
  • control and measuring instruments for the manufacture and operation of transport equipment;
  • equipment for automation of work processes of transport equipment.

Objects of professional activity:

Organizational and technological activity:

  • development of design, technological, design and estimate documentation for the creation and repair of transport equipment;
  • organization of work of the team of performers, consideration of various opinions and adoption of managerial decisions;
  • compromise solutions, taking into account various requirements (cost, quality, terms of execution and safety) for different types of planning and determining optimal solutions;
  • accounting for various types of costs in order to ensure the release of quality products.

Production and management activities:

  • optimization of transport production technologies machinery and equipment
  • quality control of technological processes, materials and finished products;
  • selection and effective use of materials, equipment and other means for the implementation of production processes;
  • metrological check of means of measurement of indicators of quality of production;
  • carrying out measures for standardization and certification of transport equipment and equipment, technology for their manufacture and repair;
  • organization and management of services, enterprises associated with the operation and repair of transport equipment.

Project Activities:

  • definition of the goals and objectives of the project, consideration of various factors in the construction of the structure of their interrelations and the identification of priority areas for solving problems;
  • development and analysis of options for solving the problems of forecasting the consequences, planning and implementation of projects;
  • development of projects for machinery and equipment taking into account technological, design, aesthetic, economic and other parameters;
  • the use of information technology in the selection of materials, transport equipment and equipment.

Practical bases:

ATP Act of the JSC “KazTransCom”; LLP “Autopark”; Aktobe Department of Highways; JSC CNPC Aktobemunaigas; LLP “Trolleybus park”; . LLP “Tazaly”. and Branches of the department of “Autopark” LLP, “Akzhol LTD” LLP.