History of the Faculty

History of the Faculty

The Technical Faculty of Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov was formed in 1991 on the basis of the Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty. As part of the Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty there was a single department of “general technical disciplines”. The main task of the faculty and the department was to prepare teachers for labor lessons. On the basis of this specialty, the basis necessary for future engineers through the development of general technical disciplines (theoretical mechanics, resistance of materials, materials science, applied mechanics, hydraulics, machine parts, descriptive geometry and drawing, fundamentals of standardization) has been formed.

With the support of the rector of the University Kenzhebaev K. K., the basis of the technical faculty was formed by the Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Izbembetov D. D., invited from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute. With the direct participation of this citizen, the personnel and material base of the faculty and the Department of Metallurgy was formed. For this purpose, experienced scientific and pedagogical specialists from Karaganda were invited: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor R. D. Simbinov., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor K. J. Simbinov., Candidate of Technical Sciences A. H. Nurymgaliev., Candidate of Technical Sciences Nurmaganbetov Zh. O., Candidate of Technical Sciences K. K. Kaskin also noted that work on the creation of laboratories in the above disciplines was started at that time. During this period, the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant carried out initial research work. The plant was offered the necessary technologies-Raw material cutting technology, converter method, processing of ferroalloys, introduction of innovations in traditional technologies, etc.

In order to effectively use the natural resources of the West Kazakhstan region in accordance with the requirements of the time, various industries began to be created in the city of Aktobe in the last decades of the XX century. Their main areas are oil and gas, mining, processing of mineral raw materials. In accordance with these requirements, on September 1, 1996, with the support of the regional administration at the Aktobe University named after K. Zhubanov, specialties for the training of technical personnel began to open: in 1996 – chemical technology of inorganic substances; in 1996 – automobiles and automotive industry; 1996 – Metallurgy of ferrous metals; 1998 – traffic management; 1999 – Chemical technology of fuels and hydrocarbon materials; 2000 – Chemical technology of organic substances; 2001 – Chemical technology of oil and gas and coal; 2002 -Chemical technology of organic substances; 2002 – design; 2003 – development and operation of oil and gas fields; 2004 – Oil and gas business (as a continuation of the specialty of development and operation of oil and gas fields); 2010-year – construction; 2010-mining; 2019-mineral processing.

The deans of the faculty during these years were Ph.D., Professor Izbembetov D. D., Ph.D., associate Professor K. T. Aldiyarov., Ph.D., associate professor Zh. Zh. Shukirov., Ph.D., Professor E. S. Aytaliev., Ph.D. Zh. E. Dzhakupova., Ph.D., associate Professor Murzagaliev A. Zh. worked at a high professional level. Since February 2020, the dean of the Technical Faculty is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor A.M. Balgynova.

As part of the technical faculty of the Department “Metallurgy and Mining”,”Transport equipment, organization of transportation and construction”,”Oil and gas business”. The teaching staff of the faculty includes doctors of Sciences, candidates of Sciences, masters.

On the material and technical base of the faculty there is an educational and production workshop, educational laboratories equipped with modern equipment, classrooms, lecture halls, a library with sufficient provision of textbooks with educational, methodological, scientific information, a social base for students.

Currently, the Technical Faculty trains technical specialists with higher education in 10 educational programs that meet the needs of industrial enterprises, the requirements of the market economy: transport, transport equipment and technology; organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport; construction; production of building materials, products and structures; transport construction; Metallurgy; Mineral processing; mining; oil and gas; Electric power. Also in 4 master’s degree specialties: 7m07101 “transport, transport equipment and technologies”, 7m07203 “Metallurgy”, 7m07201″Mining”, 7m07202 “Oil and gas business”.

The staff of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology 2003

The Department of “Oil and Gas Business” was separated from the Department of “Chemical Technology” in 2006 into a separate department. The department prepares a Bachelor of Engineering and Technology in the educational program “6b07202 – Oil and gas business”. In 2019, a master’s degree in the educational program “7m07202 – Oil and gas business” was opened, as well as the specialty “Electric Power Industry”, which is in demand in the Western region.

The department is lectured by highly qualified teachers, professors, doctors and candidates of technical sciences, whose share is 54% of the total staff.

During these years, the head of the department was Ph.D., associate professor Dzhakupova Zh. E. (2006-2010 O. G.)., so-called. k., associate professor A.M. Balgynova (2010-2018 O. G.) worked at a professional level. Since March 2018, the head of the department is the Candidate of Chemical Sciences R. O. Deputy.

The educational institution has all the conditions for obtaining high-quality education, conscious upbringing.

The material and technical base of the department “Oil and Gas business” is updated from year to year. For high-quality education, the department currently has 2 classrooms with simulator simulators: a simulator simulator for drilling wells AMT-221 and a simulator simulator for major repairs of wells AMT-411, 6 hardware and software complexes, 4 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, computer classes and specialized classrooms. Specialization disciplines are studied on the basis of simulator simulators and hardware and software complexes.

Working with the simulator simulator AMT-411 in the discipline “drilling of oil and gas wells” by 3rd year students of the specialty “Oil and gas business”

In order to improve the quality of training, ties with production have been strengthened, for each academic year we have signed an agreement with the AF JSC “National Center for Expertise and Certification” to conduct practical classes in the disciplines “general and petroleum geology” and “environmental protection in the oil and gas industry” on the basis of “Aktyubnigri” LLP and practical classes in the discipline “standardization, certification and metrology”, as well as a branch of the department of “Aktyubnigri” LLP.

In order to improve the quality of students’ knowledge and present new technologies and techniques in the oil industry, specialists from oil and gas companies are invited and give lectures to students.

The work of the 2nd year students of the specialty “Oil and gas business” with the hardware and software complex”reception, storage and pumping of propane”

Production practice in the specialty “Oil and gas business” is carried out by concluding contracts with large national and foreign companies operating in the field of oil and gas business (JSC “SNPS Aktobemunai”, LLP oil and gas technology company “TU-HA”, JSC “MNE Kaspiymunai”, LLP “Kazakhstan Oil Services”, etc.). The department, together with the above-mentioned companies, continues to work in this direction.

As part of the academic mobility program for teachers, lectures and master classes are held for the teaching staff of the department with the invitation of specialists from universities preparing the oil and gas industries of the country and neighboring countries. One of them-the head of the department “drilling of oil and gas wells” of Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, Doctor of Economics, Professor R. A. Ismakov -gave a lecture on the discipline “drilling of oil and gas wells”. Also, a master class was held for the teachers of the department on the topic “Innovative directions of development of drilling equipment and technology”.

Students of the department have completed and continue to study under the academic mobility program at universities in the USA (Tennessee Technological University) and Ufa State Petroleum Technical University.

On June 24, 2013, students of the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering became members of the International Scientific Society of Petroleum Engineers – SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and continue to work as part of the regional section “SPE Russia and the Caspian Region”. Currently, students study French and Chinese in addition to participating in conferences in English. SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is an international scientific society of petroleum engineers. The main direction of the company’s work is a professional organization based on the development of new technologies in the field of exploration and development of oil and gas fields. It is the world’s largest professional and technical organization, which includes more than 53,000 engineers from more than 50 countries.

Students take part and take prizes in scientific and practical conferences held by the Kazakh National Technical University named after K. Satpayev, the Kazakh-British Technical University, the Gubkin Russian State University and the SPE Society Abroad under the guidance of teachers of the department.

Summing up the results of the city scientific intellectual game organized by the ARU SPE society by students of the Department of “Oil and Gas Business ” 2015

Another task of the teachers of the department is to conduct events that have not only educational, but also educational significance for students as a future specialist of the country. Therefore, it has become a tradition to hold conferences, round tables, etc. with the participation of production specialists within the framework of the Profession Week, which is organized in each academic year.

One of the main directions of the department is research work. Research work at the department is carried out in several directions: “development of technological processes in the processing of oil sludge to obtain high-quality products”, “innovative methods of intensification of oil production in the fields of Western Kazakhstan”, etc.

Much attention is paid to attracting students to research work, and work in student circles is the main form. Students of the department participate and take prizes in international competitions, international scientific and practical conferences and the international project “Petro boll”, intellectual games held within the framework of the International Congress.

Currently, many students who graduated from Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov in the specialty “Oil and gas business” are working in their specialties abroad, in West Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions.

Our students continue their studies in higher educational institutions of foreign countries, in particular in England, Scotland, Ufa, Guangzhou South China University of Technology, etc.

Teaching staff of the department have a high opportunity to train technical specialists who meet the requirements of competition in a market economy.