Student life

Student life

The educational activity of the Faculty of Technical is focused on the formation of an active, socially responsible, comprehensively developed personality of future specialists in demand on the labor market.

In accordance with the work plan of the Faculty, educational work is carried out in the following directions:

  • formation of patriotic and spiritual and moral education;
  • prevention of religious extremism and terrorism;
  • prevention of offenses and formation of anti-corruption culture of youth;
  • formation of a healthy lifestyle;
  • participation of students in the academic life of the faculty and University;

In general, the content of the educational work of the Institute is integrated into three main directions:

  • formation of professional and labor culture of students.
  • formation of civil-law culture of students.
  • formation of students’ moral culture.

Educational work is also carried out by the Council of Curators, the Committee for Youth Affairs and Student Self-Government.

As part of the educational work for the last year, the Institute conducted:

Within the framework of the educational work for last years the following events were conducted at the Faculty:

  • student competitions on various topics;
  • numerous University, city and regional events dedicated to the State language;
  • a variety of sports activities aimed at the formation and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • organization and control of scientific work of students.

A body of student self-government, taking an active position in issues of student’s life is also formed at the faculty. Students are members of collegial bodies, such as the faculty’s board and supervisory board. Issues of social security of students are being successfully solved. At the initiative of students and management, “Student Dean’s Office” was organized.

This will seek to address issues related to teaching and social conditions of students. Those students who are trained on a contract basis have an opportunity to get discounts for training, vacant state grants based on the results of the examination session and personal scholarships. Thus, all conditions for self-realization of students’ personalities are organized by the Faculty.

Student Dean of the Technical Faculty – Kunshashev Aizat Almatovich.

In order to familiarize students with the enterprise, its internal regulations, manufactured products and increase the interest of students of the Technical Faculty of Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov – students of the 1st-3rd year of the OP «Metallurgy», «In educational institutions within the framework of the «ERG Day and Open Doors Day», an introductory visit with the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant (JSC “TNK “Kazchrom”) with the guidance of teachers of the Department “Metallurgy and Mining” Kabylkanov S. K. and Suyintaeva S.E.

On April 26 of this year, 1st-year students of the OP “Mining” and “Mineral Enrichment” of the Department “Metallurgy and Mining” of the Technical Faculty of Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov under the guidance of senior lecturer of the Department Abdrashev Rabbel Maratovich conducted an excursion “on ERG day in educational institutions and within the framework of the “Open Day” was held Familiarization visit to the Molodezhnaya mine in Khromtau, to the Mirny quarry and to the Ore Enrichment and Processing Factory (JSC TNK Kazchrome). During the study visit, students received comprehensive information about their future profession, got acquainted with the principles of operation of large factories and enterprises.